Cabovisão loses subs but adds RGUs

Portuguese pay TV operator Cabovisão had fewer subscribers in the second quarter of 2011 than during the same period last year, but its customers took more services.

The Cogeco-owned operator was connected to 268,721 homes at the end of  Februray, compared with 269,194 a year earlier.  However, the number of RGUs increased to 853,090 from 828,772. The number of digital TV subscribers increased to 175,803 from 159,852.

The operator’s owner sounded a note of caution that the economic difficulties faced by Portugal are not likely to ease in the short-term. “Economic conditions in Portugal continued to be difficult, and Management has not yet detected clear signs of a sustained economic recovery. Consequently, Cogeco Cable continues to closely control costs and is focusing on generating RGU growth in the near term,” Cogeco said in a statement. 

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