Motorola Mobility offers in-home wireless HD delivery

Motorola Mobility has launched a new video bridge product that can stream HD content around the home. The technology company launched the product at a customer event in Monaco yesterday.

The Motorola VAP2400 video bridge solution is a wireless access device capable of transmitting high-quality video content over WiFi to multiple TVs within the home. “Motorola’s research into video consumption habits shows that more and more people are accessing broadcast video services on multiple screens around the home,” said Keith Kelley, vice-president, home devices, Motorola Mobility.  “The Motorola VAP2400 wireless video bridge solution is a game-changing technology that enables operators to change the way video services are deployed in customer home networks. Compatible with multiple set-tops, it delivers enhanced media experiences throughout the home, allowing service providers to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive market.”

The Motorola VAP2400 is expected to be available for delivery globally from the third quarter of 2011.

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