JustAdTV launches targeted ads for connected TVs

On-demand advertising specialist JustAdTV has launched a new targeted advertising solution for connected devices, including Samsung and LG connected TVs and iPads.

The Israel-based company has launched a software development kit (SDK) for content and platform owners that enables them to insert adverts on multiple devices. According to the company this dramatically reduces integration costs. As well as the SDK, JustAdTV is making sample applications available for each connected device. Once registered to the company’s website, content and platform owners can download a chosen application, for example a Samsung TV app, and view JustAdTV’s new advertising formats on the device.

“Most of the content and platform owners we talk to face two main issues – the first is the proliferation of connected devices and the associated costs of supporting each one. The second is the business case for non-linear TV content, as most people skip 30 second ads,” said Yariv Erel, co-founder and CEO, JustAd.TV. “The new solution we’re offering today addresses both issues. Once implemented our SDK ensures that ads can be displayed on multiple devices, making integration costs obsolete. The fact that we offer pause, fast forward, stop, ‘red button’ and many more ad triggers maximizes consumer interaction and ad viewing opportunities, increasing ad revenues and ROI for our customers.”

The SDK is supported by a cloud-based ad server and campaign manager.  It is currently compatible with iPads and connected TVs from Samsung and LG. JustAdTV plans to support android devices and Sony connected TVs shortly.

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