TV4 strikes TV11 deal with Com Hem, unveils new football JV

Swedish commercial broadcaster TV4 has struck an agreement with cable operator Com Hem for the distribution of its new youth-oriented channel, TV11.

The channel, which will replace the existing TV4009 channel in January, will be available in Com Hem’s basic and upper-tier packages. The deal will enable the channel to reach approximately three in four Swedish households. TV11 will offer a mix of entertainment, comedy, drama and movie content aimed at the 15-39 age range.

TV4 has also struck an agreement with Svenska Spel, football organization Svensk Elitfotboll and production company Onside to create Club TV, a joint venture that will produce TV content from top Swedish football clubs, particularly for distribution over the web. Premier division clubs will be able to produce their own interviews with players and coaches as well as other magazine programming that can be used by TV4 Group, which will also enjoy greater access to the clubs and their agents.