ARCEP rules in favour of France Telecom

French communications regulator ARCEP has ruled in favour of France Telecom in a dispute with cable operator Numericable over the upgrading of networks that were part of the so-called Plan Câble, where the telco leased its cable infrastructure to third-party operators.

In Plan Câble areas, Numericable has deployed its upgraded its infrastructure in the ducts owned by France Telecom following earlier agreements with the telco. However, France Telecom has maintained that following agreements over the last two years to make its infrastructure accessible to multiple operators deploying fibre networks, Numericable should respect the same operational practices as the others. However, Numericable argued that the changes required by France Telecom would adversely impact its ability to quickly modernize its network. ARCEP said that the requirements outlined by France Telecom had been designed to guarantee efficient shared access to its infrastructure to third-party operators.