NSN unveils Ubiquity platform

Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) launched its Ubiquity Multiscreen TV IPTV platform at the TelcoTV show in the US last week. The platform integrates web content and allows content to be viewed on multiple screens around the home, as well as enabling app store-type models.

Interactive TV technology specialist L4 Media’s new Panorama widget platform, also launched at TelcoTV, will be integrated with the NSN platform.

Belgian telco Belgacom has said it will implement the Ubiquity platform in stages, giving viewers the possibility to access content on any device next year. Dutch telco KPN meanwhile said in September that it was “broadening and extending its iTV services contract” with NSN, based on the implementation of the Ubiquity platform. The telco’s current agreement with NSN, including middleware, encoders, video-on-demand, set-tops and PC clients, runs to 2012.