Mid Europa consolidates cable in former Yugoslavia with Bosnian acquisitions

Investment company Mid Europa Partners is to combine a number of cable operators across the former Yugoslavia into a new entity, branded as Telemach, following its acquisition of three cable operators in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mid Europa has acquired Bosnian operators BH cable Net, Elob and KT Global, and is combining these with Slovenian operator Telemach and Serbian cable and pay-TV operator SBB into a new Telemach-branded entity.

Telemach subscribers in Bosnia will receive digital and analogue TV, high-speed internet and telephony services. The company is introducing a new Mix package encompassing existing packages at a single price aimed at a family audience. “We plan to offer fixed telephony services to our subscribers in Bosnia and Herzegovina by the end of this year, bringing the offer in line with the triple play services enjoyed by our subscribers in Slovenia and other European markets.” said Stefan Tzvetkov of Mid Europa Partners.

Halil Kahrica has been appointed the CEO of the Telemach platform in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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