Envivio launches Genesis

TV technology provider Envivio has launched a new product for video headends and content delivery networks.

Envivio Geneisis combines headend video processing and compression with Envivio network media processors (NMPs) in charge of packaging, encryption and distribution inside the CDN. Encoding is performed once by a centralized Envivio 4Caster C4 system, which outputs a single Envivio Genesis intermediate mezzanine format that can then support all the required resolutions and bit rates for live and on demand services for every device on the network, according to Envivio.

Envivio Genesis requires a single core content delivery backbone or satellite uplink for distribution of the common intermediate mezzanine format, instead of carrying a specific packaged and encrypted format for each device, each on its own different delivery network, while Final packaging and encryption for distribution to specific devices and platforms is handled by Envivio NMPs that can be added as needed to support new devices without impacting the head end or the core network delivery backbone, according to the company.

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