SFR first off the blocks with on-demand gaming

French IPTV service provider SFR has launched on-demand games as part of its Neufbox TV HD offer, which it says makes it the first operator in Europe to launch such an offer.

Neufbox HD TV subscribers will now be able to access a catalogue of game son-demand on their TV sets, following a nine-moth trial. The operator is offering a catalogue of close to 30 games, which it says will be augmented each month, aimed in particular at families and occasional gamers.

The move will enable subscriber to access games without the need to download them or to buy a console. Gamers will be able to use their existing remote controls or a USB games controller.

Users will have the opportunity to test games before buying, to play by themselves, with other on the same screen or online with other users of the service.

The operator is offering three levels of subscription for the service: Pass Découverte for €4.99 (up to 15 games), Pass Full Games for €9.99 (unlimited access to the catalogue) or à la carte for €1.99 or €2.99 a game. SFR is offering discounts of 50% as a launch promotion for the first three months.

SFR has teamed up with cloud-based gaming specialist G-Cluster and other games publishers including Popcap and Capcom for the service. Casual games including Tower Bloxx and Moorhun Kart will be offered alongside more advanced games including Devil May Cry 3.

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