Diva to launch 3D VOD catalogue

Germany-based video-on-demand content aggregator Diva is to launch a video-on-demand catalogue of 3D movies. The company said it had assembled an initial catalogue of 20 movies, but had set an “ambitious target” of securing 100 titles by the middle of next year.

Diva head of content Robert Franke said that the company would offer the content both to its Diva Pro affiliates and direct to end users via its cross-platform Viewster service.

The company said it could deliver its high-definition stereoscopic content in the DCP format for theatrical screenings, in the side-by-side format in all codecs for users with 3D-ready TV sets or mobile devices, and as anaglyph for users with non 3D-ready devices to watch using red/green 3D glasses.

Users accessing Diva’s widget via connected TVs or mobile devices will find the 3D catalogue alongside its existing collection of movies and TV series. Diva also said it was in “advanced negotiations” with pay-TV providers in Europe and the US to create new licensing deals for the 3D content.

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