DivX acquisition gives Sonic new markets for OTT platform

DVD and Blu-ray authoring system specialist Sonic Solutions has completed the acquisition of video format specialist DivX.

DivX, which is licensed to over 300 million devices globally, will increase Sonic’s global reach, particularly in Europe.

Sonic’s RoxioNow division develops and licenses an over-the-top video platform for retailers, Hollywood Studios, CE manufacturers and PC OEMs to offer movies and TV shows over the internet. Major retailers including Best Buy, Blockbuster, Sears/Kmart, Cineplex Entertainment, HP, Dell and others currently license RoxioNow to deliver online video stores, while CE companies including Fujitsu, Funai Electric, LG, Panasonic, Pioneer, Samsung, and Sony embed the RoxioNow platform in over 350 product models.

The acquisition gives Sonic access to DivX’s installed base of CE devices, all of which include DivX DRM for the playback of Hollywood movies either connected or not connected to the internet. DivX’s H.264 encoding tools are widely used for the delivery of premium content over the web.

“Our strategy is to deliver all the backend pieces that make it easy for studios, retailers, and device manufacturers to offer over-the-top, premium entertainment experiences,” said Mark Ely, president, strategy, Sonic Solutions.

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