ITV outsources on-demand to Red Bee

UK commercial broadcaster ITV has outsourced the management of its catch up TV and content management services to Red Bee Media.

Red Bee will now store, enhance and deliver ITV content to platforms including ITV Broadcasting, Amazon, BT Vision, iTunes, and Virgin Media.

According to Red Bee, the deal means that it will ingest 240 hours of broadcast quality programming and transcode over 1,500 hours of ITV content into VOD and catch up TV platform formats each week. The company will provide digital workflows of scheduled programmes for delivery to ITV’s transmission centres. Red Bee will also manage over 10,000 hours of existing ITV archive content.

ITV will use the same platform that already serves broadcasters including the BBC, VMtv, Channel 4 and Channel Five.

“Catch up TV is revolutionising the TV experience and it is vital for ITV to be at the forefront of that change. The appointment of Red Bee Media gives us access to sophisticated technology and expertise that is essential for ITV’s content to take its place on the various emerging video platforms and to grow its digital media offering,” said Helen Stevens, director of broadcast resources at ITV.

Bill Patrizio, CEO of Red Bee Media, said: “We are delighted to be appointed to ITV’s media management business following on from our earlier appointment to manage the media workflow of ITV’s iPhone web application.”

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