Vodafone España unveils details of connected TV service

Vodafone España has announced details of the forthcoming launch of its connected TV service.

The telecom operator’s chief executive for Spain, Fransisco Roman had announced at the beginning of September that Vodafone would launch a TV service (DTVE Daily September 2). Vodafone is deploying a hybrid decoder that can receive digital-terrestrial channels, including pay services. On-demand and interactive services and widgets will be delivered via the internet. Vodafone will also offer catch-up services, and provide the ability for users to view home media on their TV via DLNA connectivity.

The latest announcement follows Vodafone’s news that it would launch a full IPTV service in Germany, using its fixed-line network to build a subscriber base.

In parallel, Vodafone España is launching a touch-screen device for use at home, produced by Huawei, that allows users to surf the internet, view home media, send and receive SMS and MMS messages and make phone calls via two wireless handsets provided with the device.

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