TF1’s Nonce Paolini becomes president of industry group

The French industry group for privately held broadcasters has appointed Nonce Paolini its president. Paolini is chairman and managing director of TF1 and will serve a two-year term in his role at the Association of Private Channels (ACP). He succeeds Canal Plus president Bertrand Méheut in the position.

On the same day as Paolini’s appointment, the industry group publicly questioned the findings of a working group report into the marketing and publicity activities of French state broadcaster France Télévisions. It argues that the fact that the broadcaster is still transmitting some advertising undermines the rationale for imposing a tax, even at a reduced level, on other media companies to plug the gap created by the removal of ads from France Télévisions’ channels.

“The ACP recalls that the private channels do not have to finance a public competitor. In addition, this competitor disturbs the advertising market by an abnormally low tariff policy,” the group said in a statement.”