Huawei demos 700Mbps DSL

Chinese telecom equipment giant Huawei has announced that it has showcased a 700Mbps DSL prototype in Hong Kong.

The Huawei demonstration uses SuperMIMO (multiple input, multiple output) technology to deliver much higher speeds than have hitherto been possible over DSL. SuperMIMO technology uses four twisted pairs to achieve a downstream rate of 700Mbps at a distance of 400 meters. The technology reduces cross-talk between multiple twisted pairs and, according to Huawei, increases DSL bandwidth by 75%, from an average of 100 Mbps per twisted pair to approximately 175 Mbps. Using SuperMIMO, Huawei’s 700 Mbps DSL prototype could be applied to high-speed FTTB/FTTC access and private line applications, such as base station access, the company said.