Ruwido’s TV Radio offers TV mobility

Remote control specialist Ruwido has developed a new mobile device that enables viewers to watch content from the main TV set anywhere in the home.

The portable device, called TV Radio, uses WiFi to display the content being shown on a TV set, enabling users to watch TV anywhere within range. Showing the device exclusively to DTVE Daily at the IBC trade show, Ruwido’s innovation project manager Thomas Fischer said that the device had been designed to make watching TV anywhere within the home as easy as possible. “Unlike tablet-style devices like the iPad, TV Radio makes the service uncomplicated, meaning anyone can use it, even people who aren’t technical,” he said, adding that it was important to offer the same experience on a portable device as on the main TV, including the user interface.

TV Radio has been developed as a response to extensive research from Ruwido’s head of user experience excellence, Regina Bernhaupt that found that “cross-device usage is welcome, but currently offered solutions are still ways to cumbersome to use and do lack an appealing overall user experience. Usability for cross-device usage is still in its infancy and helpdesks as well as users are still overwhelmed when it comes to practical day-to-day usage.”