EchoStar launches “world’s slimmest” DVR

Set-top box specialist EchoStar Europe has launched what it claims to be the slimmest digital video recorder in the world.

The 9mm high nickel-plated case houses 32GB of solid state memory for DVR features including live pause. The company said it has provisioned for memory upgrades in the future to provide more recording time.

In order to keep the device as slim as possible, EchoStar Europe replaced a standard Ethernet port with optional WiFi, either on board or via a USB dongle. The current platform is configured for satellite reception but cable and IPTV are also supported.

The product, which meets the latest European guidelines for reduced power consumption and uses a dedicated power management processor to switch areas of the box off that are not in use, has a build option for SlingLoaded technology, enabling operators to launch TV Anywhere services.