Viewers turn on to traditional media to make viewing choices

Electronic programming guides (EPGs) play a relatively small role in shaping TV audience’s viewing choices, according to new research. The ResearchNow study, sponsored by search and recommendation provider and IBC exhibitor TV Genius, surveyed 3,000 viewers across the UK, France, Germany, Poland and Sweden.

The results show that while viewers use the EPG when watching TV, it plays a smaller role than traditional media – newspapers and magazines – in helping people discover content and choose what they will watch. Online programme information and on-screen trailers also have a greater influence than EPG in terms of helping viewers discover content.

Of the 3,000 respondents, 81% said they use the EPG “occasionally” or “frequently” while watching television. In the UK that proportion rose to 96%. Among the occasional users, just 3% said that the EPG had an influence over their viewing habits while 37% said magazines were major influencers. That level rose to 35% among the frequent users.

The younger demographics favoured trailers and online programme information. About 20% said trailers were the most influential factor in choosing what to watch and 11% said they went to the internet for viewing information