Russia and Germany to launch 3D TV channels next month

NTV Plus and Sky Deutschland have announced plans to launch respective 3D TV channels.

In Russia, NTV Plus will become the country’s first pay-TV operator to offer a 3D service when its channel launches on October 15. The operator announced a partnership with Panasonic that will see an investment of €3m being made to deliver the channel, which be available to all HD subscribers with a 3D TV set.

NTV Plus has already trialled the delivery of 3D TV, broadcasting the UEFA Champions League final and World Cup matches in 3D.

Sky Deutschland, meanwhile, is following its UK counterpart by announcing the launch of a 3D channel.

This October, the pay-TV provider will launch a 3D TV channel for Sky HD customers in Germany and Austria with compatible TV sets. It will feature live events and movies along with programming spanning documentaries, arts and music. The channel, which will be free until Christmas, will also be available via Kabel BW’s cable network.

Brian Sullivan, CEO of Sky Deutschland said: “We believe in giving our customers the best TV experience possible, one that constantly excites and entertains, and that you simply can not get anywhere else. Our market leading True HD service already offers the best content and picture quality, and with our new 3D service we’re taking that one step further. Combined with our wide choice of exclusive sports and movies we will deliver an amazing experience for the growing number of homes with 3D capable TVs across Germany and Austria. Delivering choice, quality, value, and innovation for our customers is at the heart of Sky. This is just the start.”