UPC Netherlands to stop switching analogue customers to Tele2

Cable operator UPC Netherlands has said it will no longer switch analogue TV customers to rival Tele2, but will continue to supply analogue signals to the 1,300 UPC customers who had indicated a desire to switch to Tele2’s service (offered over UPC’s network).

The move follows the recent ruling by business appeals tribunal the CBb that regulator Opta’s market analysis of the analogue cable market, and subsequent mandating of the opening up of UPC and fellow cable operator Ziggo’s analogue networks, was invalid.

The future of Tele2’s analogue offer is uncertain following the CBb ruling, with both UPC and Ziggo no longer under an obligation to supply analogue signals to the company. Both cable operators had submitted to the earlier Opta ruling under protest. Tele2 is seeking at least a transitional period before the signal is withdrawn.

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