France Télévisions faces possible shortfall in revenue from new taxes

French public broadcaster France Télévisions will face a shortfall in revenue from the new taxes levied on commercial broadcasters and telecom companies to make up for the ending of advertising in primetime on its channels, according to a report in newspaper La Tribune.

Rémy Pfimlin, the broadcaster’s new president, took the helm from Patrick de Carolis yesterday.

According to La Tribune, the new taxes have produced only €215m for 2009 and €366m expected for this year, much less that the €450m originally expected. The taxes were only imposed after legislation was introduced in March 2009, with revenues in the last quarter of that year allocated to France Télévisions’ 2010 budget. The amounts levied were also reduced following intensive lobbying by the companies affected.

The impact of the ending of primetime advertising on the public channels was, however, also less than expected, with daytime advertising producing €318m for France Télévisions in 2009, up 24% on 2008. A question mark has also been placed over the complete ending of advertising on the channels, which had been due to happen next year, thanks to the intervention of deputies of the governing UMP party.

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