T-VIPS selected by Mediaset’s Elettronica Industriale

Video contribution and distribution specialist T-VIPS has announced that its TVG450 JPEG2000 video gateways have been selected by Elettronica Industriale (EI), a Mediaset company, for its next generation contribution network.

The new network, which will support the rollout of HD, will be used for key contributions including high profile Italian soccer coverage. T-VIPS said EI required a solution that delivered high quality video and low delay, which is particularly important given the large amounts of video transported between the company’s main facilities in Rome and Milan.

“The flexibility of the TVG450 enables EI to fulfil its current needs while taking account of its future video transport requirements. By deploying our JPEG2000 solution, it has a network that provides them with high video quality today and that can be upgraded to support 3D and 3G HD in the future,” said Janne Morstøl, COO, T-VIPS.

The T-VIPS TVG450 is a JPEG2000 video gateway, based on JPEG2000 compression and IP networking. It supports 3D, 3G 1080p HD, and SD contribution over IP transport networks.