Welho and DNA increase TV subscribers

Finnish cable operator Welho, recently sold by the Sanoma group to telecom company DNA, had 163,000 customers at the end of June, up from 157,000 year-on-year, according to Sanoma’s quarterly results.

Sanoma recorded a capital gain of €179.4m on the June 30 sale of the operator in its quarterly results, as a result of which Sanoma acquired a 21% stake in DNA.

The transfer of Welho to DNA gives the latter an overall TV customer base of 596,000, or 274,000 excluding Welho (up from 267,000 a year earlier), and an overall 43% market share. The company had 290,000 fixed broadband customers, or 175,000 excluding Welho, down from 187,000 in the prior year.