RTE selects MHEG for DTT

Ireland’s public broadcaster RTÉ has selected MHEG as the interactive middleware for the rollout of its DTT service.

RTÉ has initially specified the MHEG 1.06 profile with the addition of HD capabilities with the broadcaster looking at further options as the DTT project develops. The broadcaster will be providing a free-to-air service to Ireland’s approximately 1.6 million TV homes and it will launch with the digital teletext service RTÉ Aertel. There will be two DTT multiplexes with HD content forming part of the offering soon after launch.

David Cutts, founder of IMPALA, the International MHEG Promotion Alliance, said, “Our principal initial objective with reception equipment is to encourage the development of a competitive horizontal market. A vibrant supply chain is vital to support the effective rollout of new platforms and services. Over its years of success manufactures have consistently supported MHEG, via a stringent conformance regime and the development of country-specific profiles. We are pleased that these benefits have been recognised by RTE.”