Telenet collaborates on 3D TV neurology research

Belgian pay-TV operator Telenet, in partnership with the University of Leuven, has announced plans for a three-year study into the impact of 3D TV on the brain.

Telenet has signed a three-year contract with the Laboratory for Neurophysiology and Psychophysiology of the KU Leuven Medical School for the research project, which will focus on the neural processing of 3D images in the human brain using functional imaging.

Jan Vorstermans, executive vice-president for technology and solutions at Telenet, said: “For Telenet, it is not only important to know how the customer reacts to new television products in commercial terms. The way in which viewers process 3D images, and the influence of 3D on the general viewing experience are equally relevant when outlining new digital plans. In addition, Telenet also considers it essential to clearly assess how sustainable and how responsible new products are. The KU Leuven Medical School research relating to 3D perfectly matches our own research and tests.”