Qualcomm looks to sell FLO

TV technology company Qualcomm is looking to sell its mobile TV business MediaFLO as a result of disappointing take up. The company is in talks with a number of firms to sell the entire service including the wireless spectrum that it owns to run the service. Companies including AT&T, Cisco and Comcast are reportedly interested in acquiring the division.

Chief executive Paul Jacobs told analysts on the company’s latest earnings call that it is considering a number of alternatives. “In terms of the MediaFLO process, in discussions with a number of different companies, we’ve been pleased by the response that we’ve gotten and the interest that we’ve had,” he said.  “The process going forward includes a number of alternatives, so I wouldn’t necessarily jump to the conclusion that it will be done one way or another. There are different things that we’re trying to do in that process to see whether we can retain some ability to give advantages to our chipsets, for example, going forward. So, a lot of interesting discussions, and its early days, but we’re happy with the interest that we’ve gotten so far,” he added.