Canal Digital revenues up despite sub losses

Revenues from Telenor’s Canal Digital pay-TV platform were up NOK62m (€7.7m) year-on-year to NOK1.7bn during the second quarter as a result of higher sales of additional services for cable and increased prices for DTH. EBITDA was up NOK53m to NOK243m.

This was partly offset by a loss of 15,000 DTH subscribers during the quarter, giving it a total of 1.04 million subs at the end of June. Cable TV sub numbers were down 8,000 to 713,000. The number of cable TV internet access subscribers increased by 5,000 during the quarter to 262,000.

Telenor’s transmission and encryption activities contributed revenues of NOK592m, up NOK15m. EBITDA was up NOK3m to NOK317m. Telenor’s broadcast division posted total revenues of NOK2.182bn for the second quarter, up from NOK2.084bn a year earlier.