German cable operators launch summer promos to attract new subs

German cable operators Kabel BW and Tele Columbus have launched a number of offers to attract new subscribers over the summer.

Kabel BW has launched a premium bundle comprising 50Mbps internet access, telephony and a Sky Deutschland subscription including its Bundelsiga offer and other sports, or premium movies, available for a reduced price of €39.90 to new subscribers for the first 12 months.

The regular price of the Sky/CleverKabel 50 package is €59.90.

Tele Columbus, meanwhile, has launched a series of summer offers. Subscribers who sign up before September 30 will receive all pay-TV packages for free for the first three months, while customers who order combined internet and telephony packages before July 29 will receive a round-trip flight voucher for two to a number of European destinations.