Canvas chooses Marlin DRM for launch

Project Canvas, the planned UK connected TV platform for Freeview, has set out a range of content protection options for the service.

Content providers will be able to make content available with no protection at all, or adopt transport encryption, file encryption, device authentication or digital rights management. Conditional access upgrades will also be possible for those that require it.

For premium content providers, Canvas will support the Marlin DRM technology developed by Intertrust, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung and Sony. According to Canvas, “the selection of Marlin follows widespread industry engagement with content owners, content distributors, device manufacturers and internet service providers, from which it was concluded that a common DRM solution present on all devices at launch and widely supported by content providers would benefit all industry participants.” It points out that Marlin is referenced in the initial release of standards body the Open IPTV Forum’s specifications, meaning that it has the potential to be widely adopted.

Canvas said its aims were to support key content delivery use cases including on-demand, download and live while minimising costs. For these reasons it had decided to support a single DRM system at launch rather than to give content providers free choice or to allow device manufacturers to implement a DRM solution of their choosing.

Project Canvas plans to make further technical specifications available through the Digital Television Group on July 30 and August 19.