Ono partners with TiVo

Ono has signed a strategic partnership with DVR specialist TiVo. Ono will become the exclusive distributor of TiVo’s services in Spain and TiVo will be the exclusive software provider for all next-generation set-top boxes deployed by the Spanish cable operator.

The deal is similar to one signed between TiVo and Virgin Media with both the UK cable operator and Ono supplying set-tops and TiVo providing software. Ono said the agreement would help it deliver “next generation TV in Spain” using its fibre optic network. It added that the two companies expect to collaborate on solutions that make the TiVo experience available to consumers outside of Ono’s network via the internet and DTT. Ono will use the software in new set-tops from Cisco running Nagravision CA systems.

Rosalía Portela, CEO of ONO, said: “Working with a strategic partner of the stature of TiVo, a pioneer and innovator in the development of a converged recording system and in the implementation of a new model of television in other countries, allows us to make the leap to launching the next generation of TV in the market. Our fibre optic network combined with the capacity of TiVo will position us at the cutting edge of advanced next generation services for the internet and television.”