Swisscom finalises FTTH deal with Homeowners Association

Swisscom and the Swiss Homeowner Association have agreed terms for the previously announced contract covering fibre-to-the-home connections between homeowners and network providers.

Fibre-optic cabling in riser shafts will be installed and financed by Swisscom or a relevant co-operation partner, with ownership then transferred to the building’s owner. The companies providing the financing will receive sole usage rights for the fibre-optic infrastructure and will be responsible for maintaining it. Cooperation partners include ewb (Berne), ewz (Zurich), Group E (Fribourg), SIG (Geneva) and IWB (Basel).

“By financing fibre-optic cabling in riser shafts Swisscom and its cooperation partners are driving fibre-optic expansion in Switzerland. At the same time, they are taking into account the fierce competition and strong momentum in the market. These two factors will ensure that customers are able to enjoy fibre-optic services even sooner,” Swisscom said.


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