SES World Skies to provide Eurovision World Cup distribution

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has chosen SES World Skies to distribute the football World Cup from South Africa.

The Eurovision network will use SES’s NSS-6, NSS-806 and AMC-9 satellites to deliver global coverage of the championship. NSS-5 will deliver coverage to North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East from its new position at 20° West, while NSS-806 will support occasional-use and reporting requirements from a variety of cities hosting matches. AMC-9 will deliver coverage to Mexico. SES’s teleport at Betzdorf in Luxembourg will serve as Eurovision’s primary downlink and backup uplink for the global feed to be distributed over NSS-5 and the Eurovision fibre network. Onward distribution will be provided by SES’s facility in Manassas, Virgina in the US.

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