Russian pay-TV growth remains positive but slows in 2009

Pay-TV subscribers in Russia numbered 14.5 million at the end of last year, up 21% on 2008, according to a study by consultancy group J’son & Partners Consulting.

The pay-TV market in 2009 was worth US$830m (€670m), up 6%. J’son & Partners expect the pay-TV subscriber base to grow to 22.5 million by 2014, producing revenues of US$1.53bn. Growth in 2009 was hit by the financial crisis, following growth of between 40-50% in 2008.

Digital subscribers now account for 36% of the overall pay-TV base, thanks to the success of operators including DTH provider Tricolor, which now has 4.2 million pay-TV subscribers out of a total base of 6.2 million users.

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