Multimedia Polska continues RGU growth

Multimedia Polska ended March with 1.25 million RGUS, up 87,000 year-on-year. During the first quarter, 91,000 subscribers took triple-play packages, a 22% year-on-year increase.

The Polish cable operator ended March with 694,000 TV customers, of which 108,000 took digital services. ARPU reached PLN27.15 (€6.66) during the quarter from PLN22.05 a year earlier. Revenue from cable TV services reached PLN69m, up from PLN63m during the same period a year earlier. Of that figure, PLN60m came from analogue subscriptions and PLN9m from digital TV packages.

Multimedia Polska ended March with 31,000 premium channel customers, a thousand less than a year earlier. Revenue from premium channel packages stood at PLN232,000 for the first quarter, less than half the PLN579,000 reported for the corresponding period a year earlier.

The operator added 8,000 broadband customers during the quarter, giving it a total of 331,000, which was up 38,000 year-on-year. Broadband revenues were up PLN4 to PLN35. Telephony subscriber numbers rose by a million during the 12 months to 15 million at the end of March.


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