Sony to offer free content with 3D TVs

Sony has announced that it will launch a range of 3D Ready TV sets in June and will offer free content and accessories with them.

The first model to launch will be the Bravia HX803, which will be followed by additional models “within weeks”. Owners of Sony PS3 game consoles will be offered four 3D stereoscopic “game experiences” available via the games console’s online platform, the PlayStation Network. Consoles will be upgradable to be 3D game compatible with a firmware upgrade prior to Sony 3D TVs becoming available.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and Deep Sea Blu-ray 3D discs will also be bundled with selected Sony 3D products. A 3D accessory pack containing two sets of active shutter glasses and a 3D transmitter will also be offered with the HX803 3D model.

Sony did not reveal the price of its 3D Ready TVs.


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