Motorola launches 3D TV software for set-tops

Motorola’s mobile devices and home unit has launched software enhancements for its DCX range of set-top boxes to support 3D TV.

The company said that although frame-compatible 3D content could be passed through set-tops and viewed on 3D TVs, accessing the set-top on-screen guide and menu while watching 3D content provides an unsettling experience for the consumer. The new solution includes 3D TV processing software that automatically detects the presence of 3D content and identifies the type of 3D format used to ensure proper delivery and display on the 3D TV. The set-tops support 3D TV over both MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 and are capable of 1080p24/30 output. Also, upon detection of 3D content, the set-top automatically reformats all on-screen text and graphics to match the incoming 3D format so that they can be correctly displayed by the 3D TV set. The 3D processing software supports all on-screen displays such as closed captioning, emergency alerts, application graphics and text overlays, as well as existing EPGs and applications. 


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