M6 appeals TF1’s TMC and NT1 deal

RTL-owned French free-to-air broadcaster M6 will appeal against the decision to allow its counterpart TF1 to buy digital terrestrial channels TMC and NT1, according to the French press.

M6 CEO Nicolas de Tavernost told Les Echos that the decision by communications regulator the CSA to sanction the deal was a “grave error” and reinforced TF1’s dominant position in the marketplace.

TF1 has agreed to buy the assets from media company Groupe AB in a deal worth €192m. The CSA approved a deal, under the terms of which TF1 bought all of NT1 and double its stake in TMC to 80%, subject to regulatory approval. TF1 is also a 33.5% stakeholder in Groupe AB although management of that company have an option to buy TF1’s stake.

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