Satellite households outnumber cable in Europe

Satellite households now outnumber cable homes in Europe for the first time, according to satellite operator SES Astra.

The company’s latest Satellite Monitor covering 29 European and North African countries found that satellite reaches 77 million households, six million more than cable homes. Of the 244 million TV homes in the region, around 60%, or 146 million, receive digital services. Of those digital homes, 71 million (49%) receive services via satellite, 24 million (16%) by cable, 41.7 million (29%) via DTT and nine million (6%) by IPTV.

The Astra fleet of satellites reaches 125 million homes in Europe and North America – 57 million via DTH and 68 million through cable headends.

The Satellite Monitor, which is based on almost 70,000 interviews, counted approximately six million homes that receive HD services. Astra broadcasts 114 HD channels.