MoCA finds more coax than expected in European homes

The market for coax cable-based home-networking in Europe is more significant than many have believed, according to a survey commissioned by the Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) in four European Union countries.

Of the four countries surveyed, Poland came top for availability of coax outlets per home, with 71% of respondents to the survey having two or more coaxial outlets and 36% having three or more. In the UK, 56% had two or more outlets and 27% had three or more, while the comparable figures for France were 55% and 25%. Perhaps surprisingly, the cable-rich Netherlands came bottom of the table, with 45% and 15%.

“We found substantial cable – we knew it was not like the US but it was more than people had thought,” said Rob Gelphman, chair of the marketing group at MoCA.

MoCA promotes the use of in-home coaxial cable to deploy home-networking applications. A number of set-top vendors have announced support for the MoCA specification, with silicon suppliers Broadcom and Entropic having released MoCA-compatible chipsets.

IMS Research interviewed 385 people in France, the Netherlands, Poland and the UK for the MoCA survey.