KDG to launch four-tuner DVR with OTT

German cable operator Kabel Deutschland (KDG) plans to launch a four-tuner DVR with the capability to deliver over-the-top services to the TV later this year.

Speaking on a panel at the Cable Congress in Brussels, KDG’s chief technology officer Lorenz Glatz said: “We will launch a four-tuner DVR this year that can also offer some over the top content from some sources on the web and to have the living room experience of that web content.”

Glatz’s use of the word “some” in this context may indicate that KDG is planning to offer only selected content from the web. “Over-the-top people would love to see us as a dumb pipe that just gets revenue from connectivity,” said Glatz. “That’s contrary to the way we would like to see things going.”

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