Viasat inks Norwegian IPTV deal

Pay-TV group Viasat has agreed a carriage deal for its channels on the IPTV service operated by Norwegian telco Telenor.

Modern Times Group-backed Viasat has already agreed a similar deal with Telenor’s Swedish subsidiary Bredbandsbolaget and now its channels will be carried on Telenor’s broadband-delivered TV service in Norway. Specifically, Viasat’s six Norwegian and Swedish free channels and pay TV movie, sports, kids and documentary packages will be available on IPTV in Norway.

“Telenor is the largest broadband operator in Scandinavia and this deal indicates the clear and growing demand for our portfolio of high-rating free-TV channels and wide range of popular premium pay TV content,” said MTG CEO Hans-Holger Albrecht. “IPTV distribution is complementary to our own DTH satellite platform, and enables us to address households that we have not been able to reach before.”


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