Zon returns to subscriber growth

Portuguese pay-TV provider Zon Multimédia had 1.595 million pay-TV customers at the end of last year, reversing a marginally negative trend in the first half with net additions in the last two quarters.

Zon added 152,200 customers to its Funtastic premium service. A total of 545,500 customers were equipped with new digital boxes at the end of 2009.

Broadband customers grew by 17.7% over the year to 610,700, taking Zon’s triple-play penetration to 41% or 484,400 customers. Total RGUs grew by 17.6% in 2009 to 3.506 million.

Operating revenues grew by 7.5% to €823m in 2009. EBITDA grew by 10.4% to €267m. the group posted a net profit of €44m, down from €47.9m due to higher depreciation costs and the cost of servicing debt.

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