Mediaset wins latest Sky Italia ad ruling

Italian broadcaster Mediaset will not be forced to air ads from pay-TV operator Sky Italia, a court has ruled.

Sky Italia took Mediaset’s advertising arms RTI and Publitalia to court, claiming that their refusal to broadcast its ad spots breached competition rules. Last October, both parties claimed victory after a Milan civil court ruled that Mediaset was breaking competition rules due to the fact it owns pay-TV service, Premium. However, the court stopped short of making the broadcaster pay damages or forcing it to immediately recommence advertising for Sky Italia.

Sky then asked the Milan court to force Mediaset to supply ad spots but in its latest ruling the court rejected the request on the grounds that it would consitute “inadmissible interference on the part of the court in a area reserved for free negotiation between the parties concerned”, according to a statement by Mediaset.

“Today’s court order once again confirms, and in highly authoritative terms, that Mediaset always operated according to the natural logic of commercial negotiation with all of its advertising partners, Sky included,” Mediaset said.

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