Europeans keen on connected media

Seventy per cent of UK consumers watch live TV on at least a weekly basis, compared to a European average of 62%, according to a report by technology provider Motorola. People are also increasingly accessing content via other mediums. Fifty two per cent of consumers stream internet video, 34% watch TV on-demand and 29% download video from the internet at least once a week, accroding to the report.

Motorola’s home and networks mobility division launched the European Media Engagement Barometer to explore shifts in media consumption by interviewing a sample of 3,500 people in France Germany, Spain, Sweden and the UK. It found that 87% of UK consumers regularly share content across devices at home and on the move, with 69% expecting to be able to access the same content wherever they are. Forty nine per cent of those surveyed are interested in a service that analyses TV shows and recommends new ones, Motorola said.

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