Eutelsat restores services at 16° East

Eutelsat has confirmed that that all services affected by the anomaly to its W2 satellite have now been restored using capacity on three other satellites located at the 16° East orbital position.

W2 suffered the anomaly on the evening of January 27. Services are now running normally using capacity on three satellites co-located at 16° East – Eurobird 16, which has been  operating at this position since April 2009, W2M which was deployed at the beginning of January to 16° East, and Sesat 1, which arrived on January 28 following the  completion of its commercial mission at 36° East after the entry into service of W7.

Eutelsat said W2 has been placed in secure standby mode in order for the operator and the satellite’s manufacturer, Thales Alenia Space, to carry out a full investigation into the technical anomaly.

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