Comstar Regions boosts broadband and pay-TV base

Russian service provider Comstar-UTS’s pay-TV subscriber base in the country’s provinces has reached almost two million, according to the company.

Comstar’s regional subsidiaries now have about 1.6 million cable TV subscribers and over 360,000 terrestrial TV customers.

Comstar Regions’ broadband subscriber base, meanwhile, grew by 57,000 in the last quarter of 2009 to reach 400,000. Overall, the division grew its broadband subscriber base by 122,000 in the course of 2009. The company also had about 400,000 phone subscribers at the end of the year.

Comstar Regions operates in 69 cities across the country, with plans to expand to over 200 cities in the future. The company plans to move forward with its programme of selective fibre-to-the-building upgrades in the course of this year, along with the completion of the restructuring of its regional assets to achieve common standards of service.


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