EBU and DVB mull 3DTV future

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is hosting a series of meetings of the DVB Project over the next few days to discuss progress towards 3DTV.

The first day’s discussions, held yesterday, focused on bringing participants up to speed with recent developments. The EBU believes that most TV manufacturers are making or plan to make 3DTV sets and that these will be compatible with normal HDTV. While most manufacturers are planning to begin with very high-end products, Sony, whose PS3 games console can be software-upgraded to output 3D via a Blu-ray player, is aiming at producing a mass-market TV.

The EBU meeting also discussed the prospects of free-to-air 3DTV, which some delegates believe will happen despite the cost concerns, if only because audiences will turn to pay-TV in its absence.

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