Ofcom mulls BBC proposals for HD DRM on Freeview

UK communications and media regulator Ofcom has launched a second public consultation on whether the BBC should protect HD content on the Freeview digital-terrestrial platform with digital rights management.

The DRM regime being considered by the BBC would enable it to control the copying of content from HD receivers to other consumer devices and its distribution to others over the internet, with the objective of ensuring that content is made available by film and TV companies on the DTT platform on the same terms and release windows as on digital cable and satellite.

The proposals would require Ofcom to amend its DTT multiplex licence to restrict the availability of programme listing information for HD services only to DVR receivers that implement content management technology. The BBC is not proposing to encrypt content on the platform, and has indicated that it will permit time-shifted  viewing of HD content as well as viewing of HD content around the home via home networks.

Ofcom said its aim was to ensure that citizens had access to the widest possible range of HD content on the platform, while not unduly restricting their use of the content and the range of equipment on which they could view it.

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