Fixed broadband to pass half billion mark

Global fixed-broadband subscriptions are expected to pass the half-billion mark this year, according to research by Informa Telecoms & Media, publisher of DTVE Daily.

While the markets in developed countries is approaching saturation, growth will be driven by currently underserved areas in China, India and elsewhere. Overall, Informa calculated that new fixed broadband subscriptions grew in 2009 to over 480 million, expected to reach 500 million this year.

China was the leading broadband country in September 2009, with about 91 million subscribers, followed by the US with 83 million and Japan with 31 million. The leading European country was Germany with 25 million, followed by France with 19 million and the UK with 18 million. Also in the global top 20 were Russia and Italy, with just over 12 million each, Spain (just under 10 million), the Netherlands and Poland (around six million each).

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