Four 3D services per DTT multiplex possible in UK by 2020

A report commissioned by UK communications regulator Ofcom into the future of 3DTV has predicted that the country’s DTT network is likely to be able carry four 3D services in a single multiplex by 2020.

The Beyond HDTV: Implications for Digital Delivery by ZetaCast found that in the most probable scenario, four 3DTV services could be expected to be carried in an 8MHz terrestrial channel by 2020.  However, the potential doubling of bit-rate that could be provided by a future DVB-T3 channel could mean up to 11 services could be carried, ZetaCast said.

For satellite delivery of 3D, the technology consultancy company predicted that there are likely to be five services available per 36 MHz transponder by 2020.

Ofcom commissioned the report to review ongoing next generation TV display developments in order to gain qualitative and quantitative insight into the bit rates likely to be required to deliver services such as 3DTV in the future. The report also found that 2D plus Difference was the most practical transmission technique for 3DTV. This, it said, requires a 140-180% increase in bit-rate compared with 2D.